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Bonnie and Oikyotaan, a Contemporary Folk Platform founded by, Bonnie Chakraborty, which aims at performing, archiving and spreading the infectious philosophy and melody of Indian Folk Traditions. Centered around BAUL music from Eastern India, the sound concentrates on building lyrical phrases within a layered rhythm of Contemporary, Folk and Classical instruments. Elements of different Folk forms like Baul from Bengal, Mand from Rajasthan; Chaita and Neergun from Bihar; Carnatic Classical from South India are infused together to give birth to a new genre of Global Indian Contemporary Sound and Space, which is lyrically very rich and high on spiritual and esoteric content!

The magic of pulsating rhythms, weaving themselves together with soul-stirring melodies and spinning a web of lyrical arrangements.The platform aims at slipping through all the doors and man made boundaries; being promiscuous with their music and spreading the magic philosophy of BAULS to the masses!!

They have performed at various premiere World music festivals across the globe. A few of them being, WORLD SACRED MUSIC FESTIVAL BERLIN, 2003 (organized by the House of world Cultures berlin), RAINFOREST WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL BORNEO,2007 & ETHNO-MUSICOLOGY LECTURE, PERFORMANCE TAIPEI, TAIWAN, 2009, BORNEO WORLD MUSIC EXPO,SARAWAK,KUCHING, 2013.

The platform was hand picked by the BOB DYLAN FOUNDATION, to speak about Bauls & their relationship with the contemporary world, in 2010 in Kolkata. Oikyotaan has been a part of TED INK TALKS.


Oikyotaan New Promo

Bonnie and Oikyotaan

Oikyotaan: Bhronmor - Live in Kolkata

Bonnie and Oikyotaan

Oikyotaan: WRMF 2008 - Sarawak

Bonnie and Oikyotaan

Borneo World Music Expo 2014

Bonnie and Oikyotaan

Oikyotaan: The call of the Bauls

Bonnie and Oikyotaan